Monday, May 11, 2009

More stamp acts

Postage went up today, and I still have a lot of 42-cent stamps from the big mailing. I sent a bunch of bundle-orders out today, and am decorating single-copy envelopes tonight. I'm trying to convince myself that all those penny stamps (six of them, along with their big brothers) look festive and cute, rather than odd and overdone.

The "Forever" stamps don't help me, because I'm sending out envelopes that require a certain monetary amount of postage. Plus they don't sell rolls of Forevers, and rolls of stamps do make my life easier.

Since I'm still moping around here trying not to wobble when I walk, my husband took the bundles and also a single-copy envelope, unstamped. His instructions: have them post the envelope, bring home the receipt so I can see how much it costs to send these puppies now, and grab some penny stamps while you're there.

He called to tell me the bad news about mailing the single-issue envelopes. "The price went up a lot," he said.

"What? How much?"

"Seventeen cents."

"You're high," I said with absolute assurance, and a little concern that he'd be driving home in this condition. "There's no way postage went up that much."

"That's what they said." They had also told him to stock up on seventeen-cent and four-cent stamps.

Mystified, I asked, "Look, how much does it cost to mail an envelope now?"

"A dollar ninety."

"Lackbrain," I said (hey, Talk Like Shakespeare Day was just a few weeks ago), "they were only a dollar eighty-seven before."

I have no idea who was thinking what, or how his purchase managed to seem necessary. All I know is that now I have a bunch of weird stamps. But I'll do the math and use them somehow.

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That's I need to say about these price hikes. :)